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You don’t have to do anything, just collect: We will give you an exact copy of our website, which you can customise using the colours you want, your logo and wording (of you can use the ones supplied by us), and the pricing that you want advertised. Last, we just need your PayPal email so that your customers can start paying you!
The whole process is handled by us, and your website will be hosted securely on our server. You can even choose the domain that you want, just let us know and we will buy it on your behalf at no extra cost to you; or if you already own it we can tell you the DNS details to use. Your site will be regularly promoted by us.



10 members Χ 10€ / member = 100€
100 members Χ 10€ / member = 1.000€
1000 members Χ 10€ / member = 10.000€
10.000 members Χ 10€ / member = 100.000€
100.000 members Χ 10€ / member = 1.000.000€

This is a simple example of the projected earnings from your members for 1 month. If you do a web search you will come across many sites with thousands of members; what you see is not an impossible task even if you limit your customer base to your home country.


You can improve your chances to earn quickly by doing some simple promoting of your own. For instance, you can publicise your website on social media, like Facebook or twitter or you can mention it in various forums and link it to a multitude of sites that offer free advertising. Finally, you could contact companies that offer newsletter distribution services and for a small fee access their extensive database. There are many ways that you can make this work very fast with little effort!

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